More than just a healthy start to the day

Good Start Breakfast Clubs provide a healthy breakfast and nutrition education every day to school kids in areas of greatest need around Australia, to help them start the day well and concentrate better in the classroom.

At Clayton North Primary School the Breakfast Club is in its fourth year of promoting healthy eating habits for around 25 students each morning. Students enjoy the food and have learned very healthy eating habits by participating in the Breakfast Club which enables them to start the day with a good meal.

'I like the variety of food and enjoy helping with preparing the food at the breakfast club,' says Tanya, grade 6.

All children in a school can participate, which not only ensures that everyone can receive a nutritious breakfast and learn vital social and nutritional skills, but that the possible stigmas associated with participation are reduced.

Teachers have noticed an improvement in their students with increased alertness in morning sessions which has made for a more positive learning environment.

The Breakfast Club not only provides kids with a healthy breakfast but also provides an opportunity for nutrition education - both of which help to combat health problems such as diabetes and obesity later in life.

With support from a diverse mix of volunteers including Community members, Monash University students, CSIRO employees, and parents, the Breakfast Club has created a sense of community in the school.

'Many of the volunteers enjoy interacting with the students and seem to appreciate being given an opportunity to work in a community setting. Some volunteers would (and often do) give additional assistance such as special breakfast days and treats.'

'We find the support we receive through Red Cross is invaluable and has allowed us to make Good Start Breakfast Club a sustainable program,' says Rukshana Verzijl, Principal.

How giving it up will help...

$6 will help provide a nutritious breakfast to a child living in a remote Australian community where fresh and nutritious food isn't always available.